Smart City strategies are a major challenge for the future of urban planning. No longer only a marketing concept, they are a reality and an obligation in the face of today’s new high political stakes brought about by population growth, increasing traffic, resource scarcity, security needs and many more contemporary considerations.

The top 10 Smart City topics for ITEMS

  1. Digital city infrastructures (water, gas, energy, environment, waste, road and traffic management, etc.)
  2. Smart Grids included the integration of new energies and energy efficiency
  3. Smart buildings (lighting, parking, energy efficiency, waste management, etc.)
  4. Connected city (high broadband, sensors, internet of things, 4G and 5G, etc.)
  5. Intelligent transport and urban mobility
  6. e-Administration and the modernization of the local government
  7. Environment and quality of life
  8. Horizontal urban platforms and interoperability
  9. Data (Open Data, Big Data) including ownership, access, volume, security and privacy …
  10. Data privacy for citizens and the security of systems

ITEMS has strong expertise in Smart Cities and has assisted many officials and utilities in carrying out studies:

Etudes   Animation   Veille   Accompagnement de projet

  • ENVISION STUDY: tailor made strategic studies,
  • ACTION PLANS: Definition of phases and budgets,
  • COMMUNICATION: promoting ideas and projects,
  • ASSISTANCE IN PROJECTS MANAGEMENT: projects management and follow-up.

Based on its across-the-board expertise in digital technologies, mobility and energy, ITEMS offers a high level assistance in addressing political and operational issues.