Applications and usages are now mobile. Half of the world population has a mobile phone and half of those are smartphones. These trends have a deep impact on our daily and professional lives. Social networks and service platforms (business oriented or public services) have taken a  major place in the digital industry. The market is now global and all ICT players have to deal with this reality. Critical questions regarding innovation, control of market value have now emerged. ITEMS helps companies and local authorities adapt their organizations to foster innovation.

Items expertise concerns several domains of applications:

Daily Life

  • Transport and mobility
  • Health and well being
  • Education and training
  • e-Administration

Applications & usages for business organizations

  • Transformation of internal organizations
  • IT Applications and services towards mobile usage
  • Internal social networks

Contact : Florian DANIEL

ITEMS brings added value by having a global approach which includes:

  • Technological breakthroughs,
  • Economic models,
  • Openness of services based on APIs,
  • Local economy,
  • The increasing role of community,
  • Legal constraints.

ITEMS offers proofs of its concepts, from ideas to reality for businesses and citizens.