Digitalisation has had a tremendous impact on entertainment. ITEMS has carried out several studies on this topic:

  • Understanding the impact of the digital world on cultural policies
  • Organise local public action on cultural policies
  • Analyse cultural policies in relation with ICT
  • Strategic studies and audit of local gouvernements and dedicated national agencies
  • Evolution of the music industry
  • Projet set-up for cultural non profit organisations

We give special attention to all of the variations of the AV industry linked to ICT technologies:

  • Digital Homes,
  • Setting-up R&D projets on future TVs
  • Creation of local TV channels,
  • Studies of new TV technologies : IPTV, connected TV, Mobile TV, HD TV and 4K TV,
  • Multiscreen applications

ITEMS works with international partners on these subjects, organizing global seminars. We assisted with the organizing and founding of the Images & Réseaux innovation cluster and have worked with Cap Digital for several years.