Since its inception, ITEMS International has developed acclaimed expertise in the field of Digital Infrastructures. It covers various sectors such as:


  • Regular, high and very high  speed Broadband: ITEMS has carried out many strategic studies including international benchmarks to define local or national strategies aimed at fostering the development of broadband infrastructures based on PPP approaches.
  • Mobile networks: ITEMS has worked with Telecom operators in different countries to design and assist the roll out of 2G and 3G networks and other advanced services.

Connected things

  • ITEMS works on innovative technologies in the sector of sensors and meters which target various domains of application: public infrastructure, utilities, supply chain and retail platforms, sports, health and others.
  • Wireless networks: many innovative technologies have appeared in recent years. ITEMS assists businesses in their strategies. This includes impact assessment of new usage for citizens and consumers.

Software Infrastructures

  • ITEMS considers software a major driver of innovation. Software spearheads technological breakthroughs within systems, services and business models. ITEMS has carried out studies and analyses on this topic in sectors such as broadcasting, chain of supply, and smart grids.
  • Cloud computing: Cloud applications are the consequence of technological changes in telecommunications and software platforms. They will take a major role in IT system architectures. ITEMS has analyzed the impact of these changes for private companies and for the public sector.
  • Open source: Now part of the IT landscape, open source has been the focus of business models carried out by ITEMS, gathering open source and proprietary components. ITEMS launched the Open World Forum after a study carried out for the Paris local government.

Internet Infrastructure – Governance & Regulation

  • ITEMS has a strong background in Internet governance including consulting for new gTLD,
  • ITEMS has set up an international team to assist companies and local governments in applying for new gTLD’s: gTLDTeam,
  • ITEMS has assisted AFNIC in regulation processes to operate .fr and other extensions,
  • ITEMS has carried out strategic reviews for ICANN organizations: ccNSO and ASO,
  • ITEMS understands the key issues like: debate on governance of the internet, net neutrality and national security.


  • ITEMS has developed a strong expertise in standardization in the sectors of telecommunications, TV broadcasting and software. ITEMS is specially focused on the impact of software on standardization models and policies.
  • ITEMS has carried out many studies on the trends in standardization models.