The recent buzz around Open Data revealed the Seminal importance of Data in our lives. From the very start, ITEMS International identified this topic as a key issue and developed diverse expertise about:

  • Public data opening
  • Big Data processing
  • Access to data held by public services operators
  • Privacy protection and policies
  • Data economy

Today, Big Data is among the most important topics of the digital economy.  A new high stakes market centering on the real-time ability to manipulate very large numbers of data sets or statistical profiles combining historical data and other various sources, has emerged.  These concerns come along with major security issues and data privacy concerns which also need to be addressed.

These new technologies allows for numerous new applications in a wide range of sectors including: smart cities, health, well-being, marketing, risk management, assets management, customer services and many more.

ITEMS International has partnered with Cityzen Data to develop and sell a storage platform which accesses and processes big data sets. There are many reasons for this partnership:

  • The performance of Cityzen Data platform,
  • The variety of statistical processing of embedded tools,
  • The strong APIs for accessing data sets or processing results,
  • The neutral positioning of the Company, which is not aiming to replace public service operators,
  • A business model based on a turn-key solution,
  • Cityzen Data rules on data property.

ITEMS Dataways :  ITEMS International has launched a new branch to support project set-up and assistance for Cityzen Data to provide a technical platform with embedded tools.