ITEMS International has been involved with Smart Energy since 2010, when it first stepped into this area with a study on electric vehicles. Building on this foundation, ITEMS now has carried out multiple studies and analyses on different Smart Grid issues such as integration of renewable energies, electricity storage and energy efficiency.

Today, ITEMS provides highly respected expertises covering:

  • Integration of renewable energies in power grid networks
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart metering
  • Positive energy building and local area
  • Electric vehicles and their infrastructures

Items is able to provide:

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  • Strategic studies
  • Initial project coordination and organization 
  • International benchmarks
  • Regulation review
  • Economic models
  • Business and economic development.

With a clear understanding of the impact of Digital Technologies on Smart Grids, ITEMS offers tested expertise in managing technological, economic, regulatory and societal changes for tomorrow.

ITEMS has organized a consortium to develop international consulting for Smart Grids : Smart Grids Consulting.

ITEMS is also involved in the selection process of energy monitoring platforms.  We use new insights and models gained from research in information technologies, Internet of Things, dynamic and visionary ergonomics, new practices and digital transactional models (activation, intelligent agents), Big and Open Data.

Items has a broad cross-section of expertise based on its multi-sectorial experience in the public and private domains and strategic/technologic and operational/projects.   ITEMS addresses the long term perspective span between envisioning  sustainable cities and new energy infrastructures through the operational deployment of these innovative ideas through project demonstrations and system implementation.

ITEMS maintains a permanent strategic watch on the ecosystem of companies and innovative start-ups. It promotes disruptive models with highly competitive technologies, particularly in the field of intelligent sensors. This allows all actors of the energy system to take up strategic positions both on the market and technological sides of the equation.

ITEMS is partnered with Smart Grids France and promotes its international labelizing through Horizon 2020 European projects . ITEMS is also involved in Vivapolis, promoting the French vision of smart cities: this contributed to the emergence of a French energy-efficiency industry.