Dynamic, Positive, International is the Silicon Valley. Its culture is contagious and it careally change your life. The Silicon Valley Technology Venture Launch Program TVLP ( is an immersive 20-day experience to learn Silicon Valley from inside. Four times a year, TVLP brings to Menlo Park, in the heart of Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs from different countries of the world to develop the venture ideas of tomorrow and absorb the Valley’s culture.

ITEMS International is partnering with TVLP to give a premium access to Silicon Valley to French and international ventures in its network.

Silicon Valley is the epicenter of technology entrepreneurship, the place where Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Uber, Google, and Apple were born. Beyond that, it is unique in its incredible network of highly skilled professionals who have migrated here from cultures all over the world. The Valley is where “anything can happen”, the place where you can learn to “think and act big” and positive. Nobody cares how old you are, how you dress, or what nationality you are. The most important thing is what you are able to do.

TVLP is a perfectly designed combination of lectures, mentoring, and social events. It provides state-of-the-art training along with valuable networking opportunities. The classes are taught by a ‘dream-team’ faculty comprised of celebrated entrepreneurs and thought leaders who teach at globally recognized universities (Stanford, Berkeley and Santa Clara). Mentoring is provided by Silicon Valley based investors and entrepreneurs who work with each participant to refine his or her venture concept.  That includes some personalized help in developing and delivering an effective pitch. During the final event, those with the best pitches will have a chance to present to investors. To round out this experience, participants are involved into a variety of networking events as well as visits to investors, startups, incubators, and renowned high tech firms.

Next TVLP program is FALL 2015: from October 18 to November 5, 2015. It is limited to 20 participants. So far the program selected alumni from Belgium, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Hungary, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Ukraine; age 22-53 years.

Scholarships are available in several countries including France. Applications are open until August 30, 2015 (upcoming selection round) and until September 13, 2015. To apply visit today

Twitter: @svTVLP


Entrepreneurs who want to change the world are meeting in Silicon Valley this October. Applications open until September 13th